Monday, January 2, 2012

Stay Classy San Jose

There has always been a degree of courage needed to wear an opposing teams apparel in enemy territory. I have been on both sides of the equation and have not encountered any issues other than the occasional heckle or comment. I have even been proud of my fellow fans, whether it be a Canucks game, Detroit Tigers or Lions, even a New England Patriots game.  At the Patriots game I even had a friend wearing a Chargers jersey (their opponent for the day) and all we got were insults geared toward Phillip Rivers, no Superbowls, etc.

Every once in awhile you find that one drunk guy who is looking to pick a fight, but being a big guy, and usually sporting a Chabal-esque beard (Obscure reference I know, rugby player, here is a pic), so not exactly a prime target for the ire and disdain for someone. However, the story I found is illustrating something more than just fans exchanging funny jibes.

I tweeted this article a couple days ago, and I am sure it has been going around Mecca (Vancouver). Unfortunately though with the holidays I have been unable to enjoy as much streaming Team 1040 as I would have liked. I was pretty sickened by the headline, but calmed a bit after reading the details.

As I told my brother, I didn't expect the fans to know she had a brain tumor, unless you have bandages wrapped around your head you can't expect that. However, you can expect fans to have a little bit more class and respect than to go after two teenage girls. But I am hardly shocked as this occurred in California, a state so full of self-centered and image-conscious people, that respect, tact, and kindness aren't high on the list of characteristics. 

From the sounds of it the physical assault was an accident. Everyone knows they cram people into arenas these days, and you are pretty much on top of one another. However, every time I bump someone, no matter how small or inadvertent, I always apologize. Again though, that goes back to the respect, tact and kindness, all foreign concepts to people in California.

The most reprehensible part of this story is when she is being loaded into an ambulance, some jackass had the gall to shout "Suck it up!" Really dude? Someone is being loaded into an ambulance and you feel the need to taunt them? Not just anyone, not like me or my buddy Bryan who would just be hammered jackasses but a teenage girl is who you yell at. Nice to know the Sharts fans keep it as classy as the goons they cheer for.

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  1. The Sharts have the personality of their captain. I hope that lazy eyed goon never wins a cup.