Sunday, December 4, 2011

Rogers Arena, Here I Come

So I know I have been delinquent on my duties as a blogger, but it is/was for the very best of reasons. I have had many 12-14 hour days, going in on weekends, and too many missed Canucks games in the last three months. I have seen my gut grow and my t-shirts get tighter, due to a lack of time for any workouts, and eating on the run, but I have just learned, all that has paid off.

This week I will be finalizing plans and signing the papers to get transferred to the greater Seattle area for work. Not exactly Vancouver, but as close as I can get, for now. I am unbelievably excited about this new opportunity and new set of challenges awaiting me. One of the best parts is in my new position I will be traveling to Vancouver for work every couple months, not to mention all the weekend trips for Canucks games and just to hang out.

Unfortunately this doesn't mean I will have more time to blog right now. Keeping my foot on the gas has gotten me to this opportunity and I have a lot more to get done before I head West. I would like to thank you all, again probably just my father and a couple stragglers, for following me, and I hope to make it to some games when I get out there. I look forward to the next chapter of Nucks On The Pond, and moving closer to Mecca! 


  1. You have more readers than you think. Keep up the good work and congratulations on the transfer.

  2. You definitely have more followers than you think. Some read and can't respond because they don't know the game well enough, but are learning through a good teacher. You can teach an old dog new tricks!