Thursday, July 5, 2012

Back With A Vengeance..Kinda, Sorta, Not Really, Yet

So a few months back I had a post about me moving into the shadow of Rogers Arena, Seattle. Well I learned something: No matter how much your boss assures you of something, GET IT IN WRITING. So after leading me on for over six months, Seattle turned out to be a mirage. But when that door slammed, a window opened.

Shortly after Seattle was taken off the table, Minnesota was offered to me, on paper this time, and I jumped at the chance. Professionally, this is a great opportunity, but more important I AM OUT OF OHIO! No more living in the armpit of the nation. Also, I am moving to a place where they not only know what hockey is, but they love it. This is a major upgrade.

However, this does not explain almost four months of silence. Well my unbelievably unreliable computer had hardware issues, twice, leading it to be out of commission for quite awhile. This has caused me to give up on Dell's for good now. Second I moved from my apartment into a friend's apartment for the "impending move" to Seattle. So I had to compress an entire apartment worth of stuff into a bedroom a third of the size of my old one. 

I have been coming up with some good ideas for the blog though, and will hopefully be able to implement them soon enough. This new position has given me more resources so a new computer is in store for the future, as well as more time to focus on the Canucks, and really the NHL for that matter.

I am looking forward to sinking a lot more time, resources and effort into this, as it is something I truly enjoy. One of my favorite things is to not only blog about the greatest hockey team in the world, but interact, read about, and discuss the greatest hockey team in the world with all of you. More to come soon! 

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  1. greatest hockey team in the world? that might be a bit too much stroking for a team that hasn't won a cup since Mikey won one for them a million years ago :-)